Our policies

Environmental policy

ERAB's overall goal is to achieve environmental, long-term and sustainable profitability.

Our services / products must be environmentally acceptable and easy to recycle.

Our efforts are governed by government requirements, customer requirements, business and own requirements for what is technically possible, financially reasonable and ecologically justified.


The CEO has the overall responsibility for environmental issues, and ensures that the established environmental policy is followed.

We undertake to comply with environmental legislation and other requirements.

All staff must show personal responsibility for the environment in their daily work and be involved in the improvement work.


We will develop long-term environmental plans and continuously adapt these to new findings in the environmental area.

When developing new methods, new technology within our business areas, the environmental aspects must be taken into account.

Environmental work must be prevented for continuous environmental improvements minimizing material consumption for the prevention of pollution.

A prerequisite in this endeavor is that each employee is sufficiently trained to translate the policy into practical action.


Suppliers and contractors shall be affected by the principles of this policy.

Environmental issues must be taken into account when planning projects. Methods Applications, materials that have a lesser environmental impact must be given priority over otherwise equivalent alternatives.


All information within the company must be characterized by openness and objectivity.


We shall regularly monitor compliance with this environmental policy. Everyone in the company must be notified of our environmental policy.

Gender equality policy

ERAB works to facilitate employment regardless of gender, for increased equality and anti-discrimination. We work to utilize competence and respect differences regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or age that according to Swedish law can be fulfilled / complied with.

We work to prevent and counteract discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age that according to Swedish law can be fulfilled / complied with. All employees at ERAB must have a good knowledge of this policy and current discrimination legislation and a prepared Gender Equality Plan.

This policy is followed up in connection with our management team and staff meetings.

Quality policy

  • We must do the right thing from the beginning.
  • Delivery security (deliver on time).
  • Together with the customer, we must specify requirements that we have the prerequisites to meet.
  • We shall only use approved equipment in accordance with established regulatory requirements, own requirements.
  • Everyone should be aware of the company's policy where each employee is responsible for the quality of their work with their own control.
  • Work with continuous improvements on our products / services.
  • Ensure that standard requirements as well as the customer's and own requirements and wishes are met.

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