Repair / Maintenance of chimneys

Flue gases, weather, wind, water and temperature changes, for natural reasons, break down all chimneys. Sooner or later, you need to do something about your chimney. We repair steel chimneys, concrete chimneys and brick chimneys.

Repair of concrete chimneys, silos, bridges, etc. includes:

  • Formation of cracks and booms in the concrete surface. Can be done with Water Formation with up to 2,000 bar pressure, or mechanically.
  • Replacement of reinforcement where required.
  • Repair of concrete is done with special concrete, adapted to each object.
  • Protective treatment of external concrete surfaces with carbonation protection and impregnation against moisture penetration, which reduces the risk of corrosion attack on the reinforcement bars.
  • Replacement or rebuilding of all steel parts, exterior and interior, e.g. ladders, resting platforms, load-bearing beams, flues and more.
  • Fall protection.

Repair of brick chimneys includes:

  • Demolition and re-masonry, jointing of weathered masonry joints.
  • Installation of protection-classified ascent devices.
  • Casting of defective concrete foundations.
  • Lightning protection.
  • Installation of steel insert pipes, from boilers up to the top of the chimney, etc.
  • Fall protection.

All our contracts are performed by our own, regularly internally and externally trained staff. For data calculations, we work with an experienced and reputable technical consultant.

Repair of steel chimneys includes:

  • Replacement of corroded flue pipe stops.
  • Replacement of internal steel pipes.
  • Reconstruction of load-bearing fixed storage.
  • Reconstruction of internal sliding supports, breathing rings and external wind spirals.
  • Reinforcement of chimney base with bolt group.
  • Impregnation and repair of concrete foundations.
  • Lightning protection and more.
  • Fall protection.

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