About Erab

Our values

While the business concept tells what we do, our values describe how we act internally and externally.


We must be a responsible, independent and reliable partner. We take responsibility at all levels. We know our mission and who we are for. We take responsibility for our tasks and keep our promises. We actively contribute to each other's work environment, well-being and safety.


We treat everyone, both internally and externally, with dignity and respect. We count on each other. We protect everyone's equal value and treat each other with kindness and consideration. Through a fair treatment, we create a safe workplace where people dare to contribute.


Our commitment begins internally and creates community and results. When we support and help each other, we perform at our best. With great commitment, we are responsible for planning and carrying out work and exceeding our customers' expectations.

Our code of conduct clarifies how we should behave - towards each other, our business partners and our surrounding society.

We have the capacity to carry out all kinds of contracts for chimneys in brick, steel and concrete. We work with one of Europe's leading manufacturers of steel chimneys who work with the latest production technology.

The head office is located in Örebro and our work area is the whole of Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Entreprenadreparationer AB is a subsidiary of Entreprenaduthyrning AB, which is a management company for its own properties and with internal rental of vehicles and construction machinery.

Our business concept

We are the obvious choice when it comes to industrial chimneys and other work at high altitudes. We carry out inspection, reconstruction and renovation of chimneys for industry and energy companies.

Sales and installation of steel chimneys. Waterproofing and renovation of concrete structures.

Our journey so far

The business actually started as early as 1963. At that time, Sune Bosäter and his employees began to strive for heights. The work already consisted of renovating brick chimneys for the industry. But also in giving roofs and symbols on church spiers a new and fresh look. Eventually, the renovation of steel and concrete chimneys has also been added.

1982 was a landmark year. Then Erab got the first big assignment outside Sweden: To rebuild the chimney for the Norwegian Ringnes Brewery in Oslo. The next family generation has been working for a long time in the company, which has plenty of assignments throughout Sweden and to some extent also abroad.

The company currently employs about 30 people. Our customers consist of Scandinavian industries in all industries, such as Steel, Paper, Refineries, Heating plants, Waste plants, nuclear power plants and major public facilities such as Hospitals, as well as organizations and authorities that care for industrial monuments, such as the National Heritage Board.

What can we help you with?

Kontakta oss enklast genom att ringa oss på 019-10 53 90 eller om du föredrar kan du skicka oss ett meddelade i formuläret nedan.

Contact information

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