We perform inspection, maintenance, assembly and disassembly work. We manufacture, sell, assemble and make construction calculations.

You who own a mast are responsible for regular inspections and maintenance on these, to prevent accidents.

Mast and pole work (AFS 2000:6), regulations must be followed. It says, among other things:

"3§ Whoever has a workplace with one or more masts or poles shall maintain these well and prevent accidents through repeated inspections of the facility. The inspection shall relate to wear, corrosion, erosion, aging and fatigue regarding construction materials, foundations, bracing and the like. The time interval between the inspections shall be determined with regard to geographical location, climatic conditions, basic conditions and the nature of the construction material and documented in a plan. In the event that the inspection results in a ban on access to the mast or pole pending action, this shall be particularly marked. Wooden posts must also be inspected for rot damage and marked in accordance with 30–37 §§. 4 § A mast shall normally have a fixed access device or be prepared for connection to a mobile access device. The access device shall provide secure access to the mast. 5 § When necessary for special reasons, a mast with a surrounding risk area shall be marked with warning signs that warn the person intending to enter the risk area, for risks or dangers occurring there, and inform about any applicable ban on access or injunction on protective equipment. If the need is temporary, however, the marking can be replaced with a posted guard. "

Read more here at the Swedish Work Environment Authority

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