IRATA Climb Rope Access

Easy access and establishment

Thanks to rope climbing, we can reach places that are otherwise difficult to access with traditional methods such as mobile crane, skylift or stand. This often leads to a significantly lower start-up cost. If, for example, you need help with assembly, welding, decontamination, cleaning, inspection or the like, we can easily access most of the spaces.

By using ropes, we can offer services in several different industries, not just in industry. This can be useful for property owners, in wind power or similar high-altitude work.

Internal inspections

We have inspected and performed the work inside chimneys, flues, elevator shafts and more. External inspections are also performed with Rope Access. This can of course be done in all types of buildings such as silos, pipes, bridge pillars, masts, etc.

Snow removal and facade work

During the winter, we help property owners shovel snow and take down icicles from several types of buildings in different environments. A skylift does not always reach over the entire roof or is too clumsy to access cramped spaces.

With the help of ropes, we can move freely on the roofs in all types of slopes and no matter how slippery it is. Since you can easily celebrate down where you sit on your knees, all movements become soft and controlled.

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