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Fall protection is important for safety. Most common the accidents in the construction industry are different types of fall accidents and accidents with machines and tools. In order for you to be able to carry out your work in a safe manner, your equipment needs to be inspected and approved for the stresses to which the fall protection may be exposed.

According to EN365:2004 and AFS2001:03, fall protection equipment must be inspected and documented annually by a competent person. Competent person has completed training and holds a certificate and competence to inspect fall protection equipment.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority regularly inspects companies to ensure that this is complied with. If the requirements are not met, the company risks high penalty fees. The penalty fees vary depending on the size of the company and can amount to SEK 400,000.

AFS2001:03 https://www.av.se/globalassets/filer/publikationer/foreskrifter/anvandning-av-personlig-skyddsutrustning-foreskrifter-afs2001-3.pdf

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