Certifications & educations

  • Service certificate for high-altitude work according to AFS - Mast and Post work
  • Scaffolding training
  • Fall protection training
  • Training mobile work platforms
  • ESA 14
  • CPR
  • Environment and quality education
  • BAS-U / BAS-P
  • BAM
  • Damage investigations (Materials theory and practical damage cases)
  • Calculations for existing chimneys
  • Work environment training

We are the only Swedish company that performs inspections of chimneys with vibration dampers. Erab has a certified training from the manufacturer to inspect chimneys that are designed with vibration dampers.

  • ISO 9001 & 14001 We are certified for ISO 9001 and environmentally certified for ISO 14001 and work according to ISO 3834 and EN-1090. Our welders have certificates in stainless and black steel according to SS-EN 287-1.
  • IRATA Certificate in the International Rope Access Trade Association and C2, reputation training for rescue and access to inspect and perform work in hard-to-reach places.
  • We perform concrete renovation according to Sto's quality assurance system for concrete repair and concrete protection.
  • Sellicha Qualification- Registered and qualified for Sellicha Qualification.
  • Certificate Hot Work
  • Certified to perform periodic inspections of fall protection systems and personal fall protection equipment. Inspection must take place no later than every 12 months according to European standards (EN365)
  • Certificate for drones
  • We are connected to ID06
  • SSG Entrance
  • Certificate of concrete spraying
  • Water formation

Collective agreement

We have a collective agreement with Byggnads and are members of Byggföretagen and have agreements with occupational health care for all employees. We are connected to Business Ethics and Code of Conduct in BI.

If necessary, we offer data calculations regarding wind loads and strength calculations. Our suppliers of materials work and are certified according to current standards.

Our electric hanging racks are inspected and always approved on site by an accredited inspection body. Our inspections and contracts are carried out by our own staff, which we regularly train internally. We also buy external training for our staff continuously. Parts of our staff have worked here since the mid-90s and are well acquainted with their tasks at both high altitudes and in confined spaces.

In the event of an emergency, our staff can report at very short notice.

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