Replacement of obstacle lights

Obstacle lights with LED must be replaced (TSFS 2020:88)

Stricter requirements in the new regulations TSFS 2020: 88 regarding the effect of IR light in relation to different vertical angles for obstacle lights with LED. All installed obstacle lights in Sweden with LED must meet this requirement no later than 1 January 2026.

All masts, towers, construction cranes, tall buildings and so on with a height of 45 meters or higher above ground or water surface can pose a danger to aviation and must be equipped with obstacle lights. Within airports, it is also lower than 45 meters. Around the world, there are a variety of rules and regulations on light marking on these objects. In Sweden, we follow the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations TSFS 2020: 88 and TSFS 2019: 22 with all their changes and updates.

TSFS 2020:88 (replaces the previous standard TSFS 2010:155, repealed 2021-01-01).

The Swedish Transport Agency's regulations and general guidelines that are to be applied when marking objects that have a height of 45 meters or higher above the ground or water surface and that are located outside an airport have established obstacle-limiting surfaces. When reporting an obstacle to flight, the regulations shall be applied if the total height of the building or facility will exceed 45 meters within cohesive buildings or 20 meters within another area. If the obstacle is located close to the airport or its obstacle-penetrating surfaces, obstacle lights must also be installed at lower altitudes in accordance with TSFS 2019:22.

TSFS 2020:88 entered into force on 1 January 2021. The text below is from the Swedish Transport Agency's website:

"Objects that have been set up before this constitution enters into force and that have been marked in accordance with older regulations or special decisions from the Swedish Transport Agency or its predecessors, may until 31 December 2025 be marked in accordance with older regulations or decisions. If an older mark no longer fulfills its function and needs to be replaced, this constitution shall be applied." " § 29 If LED technology is used for solutions for flight obstacle lights, the lighting device shall, in addition to visible light, also emit IR light (infrared light) within a wavelength range that is visible to pilots who use equipment for night vision (NVD)."

The IR light must be lit continuously if the visible obstacle light is solid. Otherwise, the IR light shall flash at the same frequency as the visible obstacle light.

The IR light shall have the following effect in relation to the vertical angle:

1. Low-intensity obstacle light:
a) Pmin 3 mW/sr, >+5° – s+90°
b) Pmin 25 mW/sr, >0° – s+5°
c) Pmax 60 mW/sr, -90° – +90°

2. Medium-intensity obstacle light (including high-intensity night obstacle light):
a) Pmin 500 mW/sr, >0° – s+2°
a) Pmax 1 000 mW/sr, -90° – +90°

Obstacle lights - information

Up to 45 meters above ground or water surface:
Then no obstacle light is needed.

Between 45 and 150 meters above ground or water surface:
It must be marked with a low-intensity type B obstacle light or a medium-intensity obstacle light. If it is marked with a medium-intensity obstacle light, other objects with the same or lower height need not be marked if they are placed within a radius of 450 meters from the marked object.

Over 150 meters above ground or water surface:
It should be marked with low and high intensity obstacle lights. The associated antenna that is more than 12 meters above the object requires a low-intensity obstacle light.

Link to the regulation
Download PDF at the Swedish Transport Agency

We dismantle older obstacle lights and replace them with NEW approved obstacle lights that emit IR light (infrared light) according to the new regulations.

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