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För att inte bli överraskad av skorstenens kondition bör man göra en besiktning kontinuerligt. Då kan man klara sig från en mer genomgående renovering. Det kan man tjäna många underhållskronor på.

According to the PBL (Planning and Building Act), the property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the chimney (building). The inspections are recurring, with intervals of 1-2 years according to Swedish Standard SS-EN 13084-1: 2007. Inspections (status checks) increase from year to year. The inspection takes place with our own experienced inspectors.

On these occasions, inspect the chimney:

  • At any time when you want to change the system so that you can assume that the chimney's function changes. Then you can prevent a rapid breakdown of the chimney.
  • Status checks - continuous follow-up of the development of degradation.
  • Installation inspection

We are the only Swedish company that performs inspections of chimneys with vibration dampers. Erab has a certified training from the manufacturer to inspect chimneys that are designed with vibration dampers.

Is your chimney in steel, brick or concrete? We help you with inspection. and control, externally and internally.

On the concrete chimney, check, among other things:

  • Concrete damage
  • Chlorides
  • Carbonation
  • Top constructions
  • Internal flues of brick or steel
  • Platforms
  • Sampling for analysis in collaboration of, among other things, strength

On the brick chimney, among other things, check:

  • Inside and outside masonry
  • Condensation problem
  • Acid deposits
  • Ladder devices
  • Top crown & fittings

On the steel chimney, check, among other things:

  • Base bolts
  • Carrying mantle
  • Internal construction
  • Material thicknesses or flues
  • Database building standard control
  • Ultrasonic measurements of flue pipes, tops, steel construction, flue pipe interior using electric hanging racks

All inspections are documented, among other things, with photography. After the inspection, the customer receives a protocol that shows the current status of the object as well as an action program. We also provide cost proposals for possible repairs.

Some customers have signed service agreements with us. This means that we promise to have staff on site, in emergency situations, within the time requested by the customer, in order to minimize any interruptions.

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